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        2. 【雅思阅读素材】世界各地圣诞大餐(组图) - 启程雅思

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          今天雅思阅读素材给大家带来的是趣味阅读:世界各地圣诞大餐一览  。再过不久就是圣诞节了 ,这个温暖的节日大家有何安排呢  ?不如暂时将雅思考试放在一边 ,来看看世界各地美味各不同的圣诞大餐吧  ,劳逸结合 ,好好休息一下  ,来年再战雅思考试 !以下是雅思阅读素材的全部内容:

          While most Americans will be feasting on traditional roast dinners and sipping egg nog come Christmas, other countries around the world will be enjoying their own - very different - culinary customs.

          大多数美国人在圣诞期间会吃烤肉、喝蛋酒  ,而其他国家也有自己独特的圣诞大餐 。

          As charted on an infographic compiled by Bookatable, Christmas dinner in France is usually enjoyed shortly after midnight on Christmas Eve, and comprises of oysters, lobster meat and foie gras; whereas in Japan, a celebratory bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken has been all the rage since the 1970s.

          据“预订餐桌”(Bookatable)汇编的信息图表显示  ,法国人通常会在平安夜午夜后不久享用圣诞大餐  ,包括吃牡蛎、龙虾和鹅肝酱  。而在日本  ,肯德基“假日庆祝炸鸡桶”自20世纪70年代以来作为“圣诞必备小吃”风靡一时 。

          Perhaps most unusual of all, head to Greenland and you'll find natives ringing Christmas in with kiviak: the raw flesh of Arctic birds which have been fermented for months in the hollowed-out body of a seal - beaks, feathers, feet and all.

          最不同寻常的圣诞食物当属格陵兰岛的“海雀”餐(Kiviak)  。当地人把整个生海雀(包括鸟喙、羽毛、鸟爪)塞到中空的海豹皮中发酵数月 。

          Festive fare: Pork tamales are served up on Christmas in Costa Rica, while Canadians nibble on 'chicken bone candies' and Greenland inhabitants consume fermented raw birds and whale blubber.

          圣诞食物:哥斯达黎加——墨西哥粉蒸肉;加拿大——“鸡骨糖果”;格陵兰岛——发酵的海雀肉配鲸脂  。

          South America: Turkey is on the menu in all these countries, but Argentinians serve it with pork and veal, Brazilians enjoy it with rice and salad, and Peruvians eat it with roast potatoes and apple puree.

          南美圣诞大餐:所有南美国家餐桌上都少不了火鸡  ,只不过阿根廷人配猪肉和小牛肉  ,巴西人配米饭和沙拉  ,而秘鲁人配烤土豆和苹果泥  。

          Diverse: In India, Christmas is celebrated over Biryani and rice pudding, in the Philippines, suckling pig is popular, while in Japan, it's all about the KFC bucket.

          亚洲多样化的圣诞大餐:印度——印度烤饭配羊肉、鸡肉和香米布丁;菲律宾——脆皮烤乳猪配干酪球和荷兰伊丹乳酪;日本——肯德基“假日庆祝桶”  。

          Seafood extravaganza: Italians feast on a wide selection of fish and the French dine out on oysters, lobster and foie gras.

          海鲜盛宴:意大利——各式海鱼餐;法国——牡蛎、龙虾 ,配鹅肝酱  。

          Hearty: South Africans grill turkey and butterflied legs of lamb, while stew is served in Ethiopia and Ghana.


          Tradition: For the Brits, it's all about turkey and Christmas pudding, but Bulgarians stick to a healthy vegetarian dinner.


          Sweet tooth: Germany is home of the spiced Stollen cake, while the Swedish hide good-luck almonds in their rice pudding.

          甜食控:德国——五香果干甜蛋糕;瑞典——杏仁馅大米布丁  ,象征好运



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