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          1. 【雅思阅读素材】英国公布小王子圣诞照 - 启程雅思

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            今天雅思阅读素材给大家带来的是趣味阅读:英国公布小王子圣诞照  。14日 ,英国王室公布3张小王子乔治的圣诞照 ,照片中这位未来英王两颊又嘟又红 ,一身装扮充满节庆气息  。以下是雅思阅读素材的全部内容:

            Royal fans around the world got an early Christmas present Saturday when new photos of Prince George of Cambridge were released by his doting parents.

            12月13日  ,全世界的皇家粉丝提前收到了来自英国剑桥公爵夫妇的圣诞礼物:乔治王子的新照片  。

            Prince William and pregnant Duchess Kate released three official photos of the little prince, soon to be 17 months old, for Christmas.

            在圣诞节来临之际  ,英国剑桥公爵威廉王子和怀有身孕的公爵夫人凯特公布了即将满17个月的小王子的官方照片  。

            They were taken in November and show him in a courtyard in Kensington Palace, where he lives with his parents in London.

            这些照片在小王子和父母居住的英国肯辛顿宫(Kensington Palace)的院子里拍摄  ,摄于11月份 。

            The pictures show he's growing to look more like Will at about the same age. He's sitting on some steps and wearing a blue/gray embroidered sweater vest over a white shirt with a Peter Pan collar, navy blue shorts and knee socks. His cheeks are still baby-fat full and as rosy as if he has on makeup.

            照片中的乔治圆圆的脸蛋红扑扑的 ,长得越来越像他父亲小时候的样子 。他坐在台阶上  ,身穿娃娃领的白色恤衫外加一件蓝色绣花毛衣  ,下身穿着一条蓝色短裤和及膝长袜  。

            Official pictures of George are few and far between, to the great regret of royal fans who can't get enough of the chubby-cheeked toddler, the third-in-line to the throne.

            这位还在学走路的胖乎乎的小王子是英国皇室第三位顺位继承人 ,他的官方照片非常少 ,这让很多想了解他的皇家粉丝深感遗憾  。

            The last time the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge released official commissioned photos was for George's first birthday, in July, when he was snapped toddling on a path at the Natural History Museum in London. He visited a butterfly exhibit there and also was pictured with his parents playing with one of the colorful insects.

            剑桥公爵夫妇最近一次发布乔治的官方照片是在2014年7月乔治一岁生日时 。小王子被抓拍到在伦敦自然历史博物馆(the Natural History Museum)蹒跚走路的样子  ,威廉夫妇带他观赏了蝴蝶展 ,和他合拍了与一只颜色亮丽的蝴蝶玩耍的照片 。

            The first officially sanctioned photos of George were made in March, when he and his parents and their black cocker spaniel Lupo were photographed at a window at Kensington Palace just before they all (except for Lupo) went on three-week tour of New Zealand and Australia.

            乔治的首次允许媒体拍摄的官方图片摄于2014年3月  ,是在威廉一家前往新西兰和澳大利亚展开为期三周的访问之前  。威廉夫妇分别抱着乔治和黑色的可卡犬路波(Lupo)透过肯辛顿宫的一个窗户接受拍摄  。

            That tour, in April, was the occasion for George's first official royal photo call, when he was photographed during a play session with Kiwi babies and later at the Sydney Zoo with a rabbit-like bilby named after him. He was then 9 months old.

            2014年4月的出访让乔治借此机会正式以皇室身份接受拍摄  ,包括与同年纪的新西兰儿童玩耍  ,以及后来前往悉尼动物园与一只跟他同名的兔耳袋狸玩耍的过程  ,当时乔治9个月大 。

            As it turned out, another pre-tour photo of the three of them also was made, as thank-you gifts for their hosts and other officials they met Down Under. That photo was not released publicly but it turned up on Twitter and then disappeared.

            在这张出访之前的照片公布之后  ,另外一张一家三口出访前的照片在拍摄之后作为访问澳大利亚和新西兰的谢礼送给了两国领导和部分官员  ,这张没有公开的照片曾经出现在著名社交网站Twitter上但不久便消失了 。

            Here and there, paparazzi on the prowl have snapped George out with his mother or his nanny. But mostly these photos are officially frowned upon by Will and Kate, who have said they want the child to grow up in a relatively normal atmosphere unmolested by paps jumping out of bushes.

            无处不在的狗仔队在各个地方偷拍了乔治和凯特王妃或保姆的照片  ,威廉夫妇对此曾公开表达不满  ,他们表示想让孩子在相对普通的环境中长大  ,不会因为随时从草丛中出现的狗仔记者感到烦恼  。

            Every so often Will or Kate give out tidbits of information about their baby, as Will did during their whirlwind trip to New York and Washington this week. At one point, during a new-tech event he attended, Will confided that George loves to play games on his parents' iPad, according to the pool report on the event.

            威廉夫妇偶尔会透露一些关于乔治的生活讯息  。据报导  ,在12月7日至9日前往纽约和华盛顿的美国短期访问中  ,威廉在其中一场新科技活动上提到乔治喜欢用他和妻子的ipad玩游戏的事情  。

            On Friday, when Will visited a charity that supports homeless teens in Birmingham, England, he talked to a young mother whose baby had fallen asleep despite the noise in the room, according to the local paper, theBirmingham Mail.

            据英国《伯明翰邮报》(the Birmingham Mail)报道  ,威廉在12月12日访问英国伯明翰一家帮助无家可归的青少年的慈善机构时  ,跟一位怀抱熟睡的孩子的年轻母亲聊天提及到了乔治小王子  。

            "Has she drifted off?," Will asked her. "How did you manage to get her to do that? George doesn't do that. He'd never do that if there was this much noise."

            “她已经睡着了吗 ?”威廉问她  ,“你是如何哄她在嘈杂的地方入睡的?乔治可做不到 ,如果他也在这么吵的地方他肯定睡不着 。”

            One reason for these new pictures is that George may not be seen in public during the actual Christmas holidays.

            公布这三张新照片的原因之一是乔治可能不会在圣诞节假日期间出现在公众视野中  。

            The family is expected to spend most of that time in their just-renovated country retreat, Anmer Hall on the queen's Sandringham estate in Norfolk, which is even more private and remote than the London palace.

            剑桥公爵一家希望长期生活在刚装修好的安墨堡(Anmer Hall)里  ,这是女王位于诺福克郡(Norfolk)的桑德林汉姆庄园(Sandringham)的一座别墅  ,比伦敦的宫殿更隐蔽更古老  。

            Will and Kate are expected to join the queen on Christmas Day for church services at Sandringham, which is an annual photo op for the media, but George is not likely to be with them in church.

            威廉夫妇表示会参加女王在圣诞节当天在桑德林汉姆庄园的教堂仪式  ,该仪式在往年都对媒体开放 ,但乔治很可能不会出席  。

            As usual, Will and Kate brought home loads of presents given to them for George during their 48-hour, three-day trip to America, including a mini-T-shirt from "King" LeBron James at a NBA game they attended in Brooklyn.

            像往常一样 ,结束三天两夜美国行程的威廉夫妇带回了人们送给乔治的很多礼物 ,包括“小皇帝”勒布朗·詹姆斯(Lebron James)在布鲁克林(Brooklyn)一场NBA球赛中交给威廉夫妇的一件迷你T恤 。




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