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            【雅思阅读素材】熊孩子都是调皮的(双语) - 启程雅思

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            今天雅思阅读素材给大家带来的是趣味阅读:儿童的调皮天分  。以下是雅思阅读素材的全部内容:

            The search for Britain's most mischievous toddler is on after parents shared hilarious photos of their children causing havoc.

            英国熊孩子大赛正在拉开帷幕 ,父母们纷纷寄来了他们家孩子大搞破坏的滑稽照片  。

            From 'exploding' beanbags and covering themselves in talc, to covering themselves in paint, images have been coming in thick and fast to organisers of a national competition.

            从打翻装满豆子的袋子  ,全身铺满滑石粉  ,到把自己也粉刷了一遍  ,一打打的照片飞快传送到这场全国大赛的组织者手里  。

            A selection of the top entries so far - including two tots busily painting their pet dog with orange and white spots, a lad stuck down the loo and two sisters wrecking their bedroom - have been revealed.

            到目前为止进了前几名的组图——包括俩孩子忙不迭地把自家狗涂成了橙色和带着白斑点的  ,一小家伙被卡在马桶 ,还有两姐妹在卧室里搞破坏——已经闪亮发布  。

            Little 20-month-old Jayden Wallis stuck down the loo at his home in Bournemouth. His mum Jemma sent in the snap, saying that her son sneaked into the toilet, telling her he 'just wanted another bath'.

            20个月大的杰登·沃利斯被卡在了他伯恩茅斯家的马桶里  。他的妈妈吉玛寄来照片说 ,她的儿子偷偷溜进厕所  ,告诉她“他不过是想再洗个澡” 。

            Little Noah Avossa, three, covered himself with baby cream, along with a coffee table, after getting his paws into a tub of the cream at his home in Leicester, in this snap sent in by mother Amelia.

            3岁的小诺亚·阿瓦沙在他莱斯特的家里  ,把他的爪子伸进了一桶婴幼儿护肤霜里  ,沿着咖啡桌一起  ,将全身都涂上了护肤霜  ,这张图由妈妈艾米丽发送  。

            Two-year-old Ryley was caught in the act by mother Hayley Griffiths having fun unravelling a roll of loo roll.

            2岁的赖雷被妈妈格里·菲斯逮住拆着一桶卷纸玩儿  。

            Joshua's mother Joelle Adams and Harvey's mother Samantha Redman submitted this photo, saying: 'Paint a nice picture boys... no no not your face... NOT THE DOG!'

            约书亚的母亲若埃勒·亚当斯和哈维的母亲萨曼莎·莱德曼发送了这张照片  ,并附上:“男孩们  ,画个好图画……不不不别往脸上刷……不 !别把狗也刷了  !”



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