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          雅思口语考试备考--P1话题&amp;quot;colors&amp;quot;范例 - 启程雅思


          1. what’s your favorite color?

          Blue! No question about it. It’s the mostbeautiful color to me, it always has been!

          2. are there any colors you dislike?

          I don’t like the color black. It’s not thatblack is dirty or anything. It just never looked good on me.

          3. are colors important to you?

          Hmm, yes? I’m pretty picky about myclothing color. The colors kind of make me who I am now.

          4. were colors important to you when youwere a child?

          I guess not. I don’t remember I ever criedfor a color. And I barely put in any thought on this question.

          5. do you usually wear clothes in yourfavorite color?

          Yes, I always do. I have got many clothesin red and blue. And I wear them to school.

          6. do you prefer light or dark colors?

          I prefer dark colors for pants. Light onesnever work out for me.

          7. what colors would you choose to paintthe walls of your room?

          I’d say….. a redish color. You know, warmcolors like red, light pink. They make the room awesome!

          8. do you think different types of peoplelike different colors?

          Yeah, that’s true. Serious people go fordark colors, and lighthearted people may prefer light colors like white andsilver.

          9. are there any colors that have a specialmeaning in your country?

          Off the top of my head, red usuallyindicates good luck. For example, this year is the year of horse, if you wereborn in the year of horse too, you should wear red more this year.

          10. is there any color you would not want your walls to be?

          There is no way I would use black for mywalls. That’s crazy when all the walls are black. I can’t imagine howdepressing that would be!



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