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        1. 【雅思阅读素材】15条“鸡汤”毁灭你的生活(双语) - 启程雅思

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          今天雅思阅读素材给大家带来的是趣味双语阅读:15条“心灵鸡汤”毁灭你的生活  。有人调侃说刷遍美国朋友圈的是高科技  ,而刷遍中国朋友圈的是各种鸡汤  ,今天你喝了没 ?这些鸡汤未必就是好的 。以下是雅思阅读素材的全部内容:

          1. There is a single definition of success.

          1.成功只有唯一的定义  。

          And it involves an established career, large house, acceptable body shape, marriage and annual holidays.

          这里所谓的成功包括事业有成、大房子、好身材、美满的婚姻以及充足的年假  。

          Everyone has their own path to walk in this life, and what brings true meaning and deep fulfillment differs for all of us.

          每个人都有自己的人生路要走  ,我们每个人对什么是能给我们带来真正意义和深刻满足感的看法都不一致  。

          Let go of your need to fit to the status quo. Live, work, date, play, create, travel, eat, drink, move, laugh and sing in ways that feel right with your soul. That is true success.

          摆脱迎合现状的需要吧 。生活、工作、约会、娱乐、创造、旅行、吃、喝、跑、欢笑还有唱歌 ,做任何与你的心灵相契合的事 。那才是真正的成功  。

          2. Life is meant to be hard work.

          2.生活  ,就是要努力工作

          Life is meant to be easy, beautiful and overflowing with moments of joy and bliss.

          生活应该是舒适、美好而又充满着快乐和幸福的  。

          The more you listen to your soul and build a life that's true to you, the more your actions will feel completely natural and effortless.

          你越多的倾听你心灵的声音 ,创造一个忠实于己的生活  ,你的行动就会越多的感到自然和轻松 。

          If life is a constant struggle, you're running on empty and you dread Mondays, it's time to take an honest look at your life -- in a loving way.

          如果你感到生活就像一个旷日持久的战争  ,让你觉得空虚  ,害怕工作日  ,那么是时候以一种充满爱的方式诚实的审视你的生活了  。

          3. Life happens to us.


          Where you are now is a result of the choices you made in the past. Where you will be in the future is a result of the choices you are making right now.

          你过去所做的选择决定了你现在在哪里  ,而你现在所做的选择又会决定你将来会去哪里  。

          You are an active participant in the creation of your life. So embrace your power as a creator, and start choosing thoughts, words and actions that make a positive impact and will come back to you in a million magnificent, beautiful, jaw-dropping ways.

          你是你生活的积极参与者 。所以发挥作为创造者的权力 ,并且开始选择那些对你的生活产生积极影响的思想、言论和行动  。这些思想、言论、行动会以无数宏伟、美丽、令人瞠目结舌的方式回到你身边  。

          4. There is such a thing as normal, and we should measure ourselves against it.

          4.一切皆有标准  ,我们应该对照它来审视自己

          There is no such thing as a normal human, but there is such a thing as a "normal" you -- where you're completely yourself, you love yourself deeply and you think and act in ways that feel aligned with your soul.

          世间没有任何“标准的人” ,但却有一个“标准的你”  。这样的你  ,完完全全是你自己  。你深爱着自己  ,你依自己的心灵来思考、行动 。

          Let your internal compass be your only point of reference.

          让你心中的罗盘成为你唯一的参考指南 。

          5. There is an "us" and a "them."

          5.除了家里人都是外人 。

          We draw a line around our social and family circles, keeping out everyone who doesn't fit neatly within our definition of normal, interesting or worthwhile.

          我们把社会和家庭划一界限  ,将那些与我们对规范、兴趣或价值定义不同的人挡在外面  。

          While everyone has vastly different aptitudes, passions and quirks, everyone also has the same light within them. The light within you is the same light within me, within the stranger on the bus, and within anyone you consider your enemy.

          然而每个人都有截然不同的资质、兴趣和怪癖  ,每个人也都有与其他人相同的地方  。你的想法可以与我的相同 ,与公共汽车上的陌生人相同甚至可以与你眼中的敌人相同  。

          6. We have to compete for limited resources.

          6.我们必须争夺有限的资源  。

          Life is meant to be abundant and limitless. We create scarcity by believing in it, instead of focusing our efforts on creating, giving and contributing our gift to help humankind reach its highest potential.

          生活应该是富有和无限的  。稀缺只是我们想象出来的  ,我们应该把精力用于创造、给予 ,将我们的天赋用于挖掘人类最高潜力上  。

          Relax and feel it deep within your heart that you will always be provided for.

          放轻松  ,感受你内心深处的力量  ,你将永远不感到匮乏 。

          7. Happiness comes from external things.

          7.幸福来源于外物 。

          We pin our happiness on external things like our appearance, bank balance, job title, travel plans, possessions and the opinions of others -- and then suffer as a result.

          我们将幸福栓在外物 ,如外表、银行存款、职称、旅行计划、财产以及他人的意见 ,然后心情因此而受到影响 。

          True, sustainable happiness comes from within -- by cultivating a mindset based on gratitude, mindfulness and acceptance.

          真正可持续的幸福来源于培养一个基于感恩、正念以及接受的心态  。

          8. Holding grudges is a natural part of life.

          8.怨恨是生活很自然的一部分  。

          When we feel that someone has "wronged" us, we cling to the memory and carry it around with us for weeks or sometimes years. What we fail to realize is that we are holding ourselves hostage, not just the perceived wrong-doer.

          当我们感到别人冤枉我们的时候  ,我们一直纠结着这件事  ,让它几周甚至几年的影响着我们  。但我们没有意识到的是  ,我们成了自己的人质 ,而不仅仅是被冤枉者  。

          The Buddha once said, "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."

          佛陀曾经说过  ,“无法释怀的愤怒就像抓着一把火烫的正打算扔到别人身上的煤炭;而你就是那个要被烧伤的人  。”

          Make forgiveness your new motto and see how much freer and lighter your soul feels.

          把宽恕当作你的新格言  ,你会感觉自己的心灵轻松自由很多 。

          9. There is something wrong with us.


          We are plagued by feelings of inadequateness and worthlessness, pos官方真题Officialning self-acceptance and self-love until a day in the future when we're thinner, wealthier, more confident and more popular.

          我们被一种不适当、一无是处的感觉所折磨  。我们迟迟不愿自我接纳和爱自己  ,直到未来有一天变得更瘦、更富有、更自信和更受欢迎  。

          You are perfect and complete exactly as you are. Even when you are striving to improve and grow, you are complete. As the Buddhist saying goes, "We are all perfect as we are, and we could all use a little work."

          现在的你就是完美和完整的  。甚至当你努力自我提升和成长时  ,你也是完整的  。就像佛教有云  ,“我们都是完美的 ,但我们都可以稍稍努力让自己更好  。”

          10. It matters what other people think of us.


          We give away so much of our energy, power and inner peace by worrying about what others think of us.

          为别人的看法而担忧让我们失掉了太多的精力、能量和内心的平静  。

          The truth is we can't ever know for certain what other people are thinking about us. So when your ego starts to fill you with doubt and fear, remember it's a fictional story.

          而事实是我们无法确知他人是如何看待我们的  。因此  ,当你的内心被怀疑和恐惧侵占时 ,记住你的想法只是一个虚构的故事 。

          11. We see things how they really are.


          How we experience the world is heavily influenced by our beliefs and past experiences.

          我们的信仰和过去的经历深深的影响我们对世界的感受  。

          Our subconscious mind chooses pieces of information to serve to our conscious mind based on what we've programmed it to look for. Identify your dominant beliefs and replace the ones that aren't serving you.

          我们的潜意识会选择一些信息片段来为我们的意识心理服务  。这个意识心理是基于我们的设定来寻找的  。找出你的主导信念 ,并把那些无用的信念替换掉 。

          12. Meditation is something people do on a cushion at sunrise.


          You can meditate and be mindful all throughout the day as you go about your life.

          你从早到晚都可以冥想 ,你可以一边进行你的日常生活一边冥想  。

          Pause and feel the weight of your body in your seat, the feeling of the fabric against your skin, and the slight sensation of the air on your face.

          停下来 ,感受你身体的重量  ,感受面料和你的肌肤相触碰  ,还有空气在你脸上轻拂的细微体验 。

          Take a few deep breaths and let your whole being relax. Scan your body up and down for sensations, simply observing, without making any judgments.

          深呼吸几下  ,让整个身心放松下来 。扫视全身上下让你产生快感的地方  ,只简单的观察  ,不做任何的判断  。

          13. When we give something, we lose something.


          Giving and receiving are one in truth. When you give to someone with no strings attached -- whether it be a physical gift, a compliment or your time -- you are nourished as well as the receiver.

          给予和接受是一体的真理 。当你给别人一些东西而不带任何附加条件时 ,不管这是一份礼物、一句奉承还是一段时间  ,你和接受者一样都会感到充盈、滋养 。

          Not only do you experience sensations of satisfaction and joy, but your karma will bring more blessings and gifts back into your life.

          你不仅仅会体验到一种满足感和喜悦感  ,而且你的人缘会回馈给你更多的幸福和礼物  。

          14. We have to logically figure everything out.


          We've been taught to trust our minds but not our intuition or inner voice of guidance.

          我们被教导要相信自己的思想而不是相信直觉或内心声音的指导  。

          When you're grappling with a problem or lacking clarity, learn to lean into your soul and trust the wisdom it provides to you -- often in the form of a gut feeling, serendipitous sign or a spontaneous "aha!" moment.

          当你被一个问题纠缠或者感到目标模糊时  ,要学会依赖你的心灵和相信你的智慧  。这智慧通常是一种直觉 ,一个偶然的指示 , 或者一个本能“啊哈”的时刻 。

          15. We need to be more realistic.


          Many people think that daily happiness and joy is an unrealistic goal, and we should be more realistic.

          大多数人觉得每天的幸福和喜悦是不现实的  ,所以我们应该要更加实际一些 。

          Happiness is THE ultimate goal of our lives, and it is both worthwhile and attainable.

          幸福是我们生活的终极目标  ,它值得且可实现  。

          Understand your purpose is to blossom into the highest, happiest version of you and let go of any guilt you feel for making your happiness a priority.

          你要知道 ,你的目标应该是变成最幸福的自己 ,丢掉一切的罪恶感  ,把你的幸福置于第一位 。




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