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          1. 【雅思趣味阅读】再不疯狂就老了:年轻时要做的30件事 - 启程雅思

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            今天雅思阅读素材给大家带来的是双语阅读:年轻时应该要做的事 。以下是雅思阅读素材的全部内容:

            1. Make yourself a priority


            If you don’t take care of yourself, nobody else will. You have to be number one. All things in your life stem from your happiness. Be someone who makes you happy!

            如果自己不照顾好自己 ,别人就更指望不上了 。把自己放在首位 。生活中一切因你的快乐而存在  。做个为自己的快乐而生的人吧  。

            2. Enjoy the small things


            Take walks more often. Stop and look at a babbling brook. Sit in an oversized chair at Barnes & Noble and read a great book. Observe an elderly couple holding hands. Life is made up of these small and seemingly insignificant things. They aren’t insignificant. Be sure to take the time to appreciate them  。

            多散步  。因潺潺流水而驻足;闲坐在巴诺书店的大号椅子上读本好书;观察一对手挽手的老夫妇  。生活就是一连串看似微不足道的琐事 。它们虽不起眼  ,但一定要抽出时间去欣赏  。

            3. Get outside


            Being outdoors is good for you. Soak in the sunlight, get those endorphins kicking, and enjoy the beauty that nature offers 。

            户外活动有益身心 。沐浴阳光下  ,激活内啡肽  ,享受自然的美 。

            4. Be confident in who you are


            Every person is unique and special in their own way. Understanding this early in life is critical. Be proud of who you are and don’t be afraid to let the world know it  。

            每个人都与众不同  。年轻时  ,清楚这一点至关重要 。为自己感到骄傲 ,而且要勇敢地让世界知道这一点  。

            5. Take calculated risks


            Life is a series of risks and rewards. Be smart with your risks and understand the consequences  。

            生活伴随着风险与回报  。在风险面前保持警醒 ,并有勇气承担后果  。

            6. Focus on the present


            Worrying to a certain degree about your future is normal, but don’t overlook the power of being in the present moment. You can’t change the past, but you can control what you do right now  。

            对未来有些担心很正常  ,但不要忽视活在当下的能量  。你无力改变过去 ,但现在却由你掌控  。

            7. Stop caring about what people think of you


            Fear of criticism is one of the most destructive fears known to humanity. It can debilitate you to the point paralysis. Learn early in life that it doesn’t matter what people think of you. It really doesn’t. And besides, people are too worried about what you think about them to care about you!

            对人类来说  ,担心受指责是最具毁灭性的恐惧之一  。它会使你脆弱得不堪一击  。年轻时就要懂得  ,人们怎么看你无关紧要  。的确如此  。另外  ,人们过于担心你对他们的看法而无暇顾及你  。

            8. Remember that people are good at heart


            Being a lifelong cynic can and will make your life an uphill climb. Recognize that people are inherently good and you will embrace relationships in a far greater capacity 。

            与愤世疾俗为伍  ,只会使生活艰难  。承认人善的本性  ,你就会敞开胸怀  ,广交朋友 。

            9. Be a positive person


            Make being positive a habit early in life. Your success in life will come from your thoughts and your thoughts can be either negative or positive. Only you can control which you choose  。

            年轻时就要养成积极向上的习惯  。生活成败取决于思想  ,而思想有积极和消极之分  。只有你是自己思想的主宰  。

            10. Let go of negative influences


            Avoid bad situations, unhealthy relationships, and people who make your life worse. Letting go of a good friend who is going to drag you down is a difficult yet intelligent decision. Failure to do so can negatively affect where you end up in life  。

            避开困境、不健康的关系和那些搅扰你生活的人  。对使你止步不前的好朋友说再见虽难却是明智之举  。如果不忍割舍  ,那只会让你的生活变得一团糟 。

            11. Surround yourself with positive people


            Jim Rohn said “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with  。” And it’s completely true. If you want to be a success, hang around with successful people. If someone has what you want, you can do what they do, and get what they’ve got  。

            吉姆·雷恩说:“你最常接近的5个人的平均值就是你  。” 这句话完全正确 。如果你渴望成功  ,那就应多接触成功人士  。如果某人拥有你希望得到的东西 ,你可以按照他们的做法  ,得到他们拥有的东西 。

            12. Worry less


            Worrying about that big test is normal, as is worrying about that possible job promotion, but when you begin to worry excessively, it can become a real problem. Worrying can lead to stress and anxiety, which can become disorders and negatively affect all areas of your life  。

            担心重要的考试很正常  ,担心可能的工作升迁也是一样 。但当你开始过分担心时  ,担心本身可能成为问题  。担心可以产生压力 ,导致焦虑  ,而混乱接踵而来  ,你生活的方方面面将受到消极影响 。

            13. Learn from your past but don’t dwell on it

            以史为鉴  ,但不要纠结于过去

            Being caught up in your past can lead to stagnation and the inability to progress in your life. Understand that life is just a series of events and move on. You can change the future but you cannot alter your past decisions 。

            沉浸于过去让你停滞不前、无力进取  。要知道  ,生活是一系列不断发展的事件  。你可以改变未来  ,却不能对过去的决定做出改变  。

            14. Travel


            Most of you want to travel the world, see new things, and meet new people. But statistics show that the average mother in the U.S. will start a family at age 25, meaning that your travel options will become quite limited for a number of years after you start having children. And even if you do tell yourself that you’re going to travel, most of you won’t. Don’t put it off. Get out there and see the places you desire most  。

            大多数人渴望周游世界  ,接触新事物 ,结交新朋友  。但数据显示  ,美国妇女一般在25岁时开始做母亲  ,这意味着此后的数年之内  ,你的旅行机会相当受限 。即使你不断告诉自己  ,你有出游的想法  ,但大多实现不了  。不要犹豫  ,收拾行装  ,去欣赏你最心仪的美景吧  。

            15. Learn a new language


            In this day and age, knowing a second (or third) language is no longer just a hobby, it can help you in your career. Being able to communicate with people from multiple cultures not only makes good business sense, but expands your personal growth  。

            当今时代  ,懂二种或三种语言不再是爱好  ,你的职业生活将因此受益 。具备与多种文化交流的能力不仅能铸就你良好的商业意识  ,还是你个人成长的助力  。

            16. Overcome some of your biggest fears


            Your fears will haunt you for your entire life if they aren’t dealt with. Do you really want to go through life being deathly afraid of flying? Do you want the fear of public speaking to control you? Of course not. Take these challenges head on and early on and overcome them  。

            如果听之任之  ,恐惧将萦绕你一生  。你真得希望终其一生都怕飞翔怕得要死  ?你希望在大家面前讲话时总是诚惶诚恐吗  ?当然不  。直面挑战  ,克服它们 。



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