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          【雅思阅读素材】扎克伯格的新年计划(双语) - 启程雅思

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          今天雅思阅读素材给大家带来的是趣味双语阅读:扎克伯格公布新年计划  ,2周读一本书  。以下是雅思阅读素材的全部内容:

          Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg vows he will read a book every two weeks, and he's invited people around the world to join him.

          Facebook创始人兼CEO马克·扎克伯格表示  ,他的新年计划是每两周读一本书 。他还邀请全世界的人们一起加入他的行列  。

          The "year of books" is Zuckerberg's 2015 goal. The billionaire is known for his quirky New Year's Resolutions. Two years ago he challenged himself to meet a new person a day. Last year he attempted to pen a daily thank you note.

          这位亿万富翁以他新奇的新年计划而闻名 。两年前 ,他挑战自我  ,称要每天遇见一个陌生人;去年他要每日写感谢字条;而2015年  ,扎克伯格的目标是“读书” 。

          It will come as no surprise that he's already launched a Facebook page -- entitled "A year of books" -- to serve as the reading group's hub. Over 62,000 people have liked the page in the initial 24 hours.

          毫无意外  ,扎克伯格已经推出了以“读书之年”为主题的Facebook公共主页来作为阅读群体的讨论中心  。在推出后的24小时之内就有超过6万2千人为这个公共主页点赞  。

          "Please only participate in the discussions if you've actually read the books and have relevant points to add. The group will be moderated to keep it focused," he stressed in his status update.

          他在个人主页更新中强调道:“我希望所有参与讨论的朋友确实是阅读过这些书的  ,并且能补充与该书相关的观点  。希望这个读书主页不要太火爆  ,以保持它的初衷 。”

          The plan is to select books about various topics and cultures. The Bible and Quran have been popular suggestions, among hundreds of other titles.

          扎克伯格计划挑选一些不同话题以及不同文化的书籍  。《圣经》和《可兰经》在众多书籍中颇受热捧 。

          The first book is "The End of Power" by Moisés Naím, a former Foreign Policy editor. It's a 300-page deep dive into the changing nature of leadership today that was published in March 2013.

          现在 ,该主页上的第一本书是前《外交政策》编辑——莫伊塞斯·纳伊姆(Moisés Naím)所著的《权利的终结》(The End of Power) 。这本于2013年3月发行的书厚达300页  ,探讨如今的领导力不断变化的特性 。

          Amazon.com has the paperback version listed as "temporarily out of stock," spurring speculation that Zuckerberg's book club could have the kind of game changing effect that Oprah's did. The book is still available on Barnes and Noble's website.

          亚马逊网站上面该书的平装本已经显示“暂时缺货”字样  ,引发人们猜测扎克伯格的书吧将可能异化成商业效益的工具 ,就像奥普拉书友会一样 。但该书在Barnes & Noble网站仍有销售  。



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