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            【雅思阅读素材】2050年80岁以下或无人死于癌症 - 启程雅思

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            Cancer will kill almost no one under the age of 80 by 2050 due to continued advances preventing and treating the disease, amajor study suggests.

            根据最新的一项主流研究  ,得益于不断发展的预防和治疗手段  ,到2050年  ,80岁以下的人群将不会死于癌症  。

            The research by University College London was published as experts said that a daily low-dose aspirin is the single most effective action to protect against cancer.

            这项由英国伦敦大学学院发布的报告说 ,每天少量的阿司匹林摄入是预防癌症唯一的也是最有效的方法  。

            Prof Jack Cuzick, who leads research into disease prevention, urged GPs to do more to ensure patients were given adviceto take “baby aspirin” for a decade between the age of 50 and 65.

            这项研究的领头人Jack Cuzick教授表示  ,希望医生能够多建议50岁到65岁的病患服用婴儿使用的阿司匹林(baby aspirin)  ,时间为10年  。

            He cited research showing that such action reduces the chance of cancer, heart attacks and strokes by between seven and nine per cent, in 15 years and cut overall death rates by four per cent in two decades  。

            他说研究表明:连续服用阿司匹林长达15年  ,患癌症、心脏病和中风的几率可以降低7%到9%;若服用20年  ,死亡率可降低4% 。

            The new study by University College London suggests that on current trends, by 2050, cancer will rarely kill anyone under the age of 80.

            伦敦大学学院的这项最新研究证实 ,根据目前的趋势  ,到2050年 ,将不会有80岁以下的人死于癌症  。

            Dramatic improvement in cancer death rates inthe UK in the last 20 years mean that half of those who die from the disease are over the age of 75, researchers said.

            研究显示 ,在过去的20年内 ,英国的癌症死亡率直线上升  ,而其中有一半的人年龄超过75岁 。

            Author Prof David Taylor, UCL Emeritus Professor of Pharmaceutical and Public Health Policy, said that within decades,it would become rare for cancer to kill those in middle age.

            伦敦大学学院医药和公共卫生政策退休教授David Taylor表示  ,十年之内  ,癌症将不会是中年人死亡的主要原因  。

            “This is a projection of what is already happening,” he said. “Overall age-standardised cancer deaths are down 20 percent since about 1990.”

            “这个项目已经开始实施” ,他说  ,“自1990年以来  ,总体的年龄标准化癌症死亡率已经降低了20%” 。

            “What makes this a special point in historyis that cancers are in the process of becoming either preventable or effectively curable,” he said.

            “这将是医疗史上浓墨重彩的一笔  ,它表示癌症是可以预防和有效治疗的” ,他说  。

            Prof Taylor said that with the right positive actions – such as wider uptake of aspirin, and more sophisticated tracking ofprostate cancer – improvements could accelerate further.

            Taylor还表示  ,一些积极的手段  ,例如  ,更大范围地服用阿司匹林以及成熟的前列腺癌症追踪  ,将会进一步加快癌症预防和治疗的速度  。

            Prof Cuzick, director of the Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine, said not smoking and not putting on too much weight were both effective ways to reduce the chance of cancer – but he said taking a daily 75mg aspirin was the best positive step to lower their risk ofthe disease.

            沃尔夫森预防医学研究所Cuzick教授还表示  ,不吸烟和正常的体重也是有效预防癌症的方法 ,但是每天摄入75毫克的阿司匹林将会更有效地降低患病的几率  。

            Experts have argued over the benefits of aspirin versus its risks, because the drug can increase the risk of stomach bleeding and ulcers.

            目前  ,专家对服用阿司匹林的好处和风险也有异议  ,因为阿司匹林本身会增加胃出血和溃疡的风险  。

            But Prof Cuzick said the recent study found that aspirin saved 17 lives for each death caused.

            但是Cuzick教授也说  ,最近的研究发现 ,在胃出血和胃溃疡的病例中  ,阿司匹林拯救了17个人的生命  。

            Anyone at high risk of bleeding should talk to their GP first, experts said including those on blood thinning drugs, with diabetes or smokers.

            专家还说  ,容易出血的病人应该先去咨询一下他们医生  ,包括那些服因糖尿病血液稀释药物的病患和吸烟的人 。

            Cancer experts said preventing cancer and diagnosing it early was crucial to improvements.

            癌症专家也表示 ,预防癌症和及早诊断也利于降低癌症死亡率 。



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