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            【Part2】Describe something you do to (help you) stay healthy4 - 启程雅思


            You should say

            What you do
            When you start doing this
            How much time you spend doing this/ how often you do it
            And explain what benefits you get from this activity or how this activity helps you stay healthy

            There are a lot of ways in which we can keep us healthy and slim. Some people would like to choose to do some purely physical exercise, such as going hiking, or going to the gym to sweat profusely.While others may tend to do quiet things, such as going fishing. As for me, I want to play violin to make my staying healthy physically and psychologically. Istill remember that the first time I touched the violin is when I was 6 yearsold. I was attracted by the melody on the strings, but it wasn’t until I started to work that I was aware of that how relaxed I could be whenever I played the violin. I enjoy the tune which may tell me a romantic story bydifferent notes. Especially, when I go back from work, I am so tired, however,I can get rid of and release all of my stress by playing violin with only me and Mozart’s or Bach’s masterpieces. Moreover, I can let my suppressed emotion out in the process. As you know, it requires the coordination of my arm, head,and body when I play the violin, which can really ease the tension and pain to stretch out the stiffness. Like I said before, playing violin can help me maintain the well-being of my physical and psychological self.



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