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            【Part2】Describe something you do to (help you) stay healthy3 - 启程雅思


            You should say

            What you do
            When you start doing this
            How much time you spend doing this/ how often you do it
            And explain what benefits you get from this activity or how this activity helps you stay healthy

            I would like to describe a kind of sport I do to help me stay healthy. It is basketball, a popular activity among people. As an amateur, I don’t have to use expensive balls and look for specialized areas. An ordinary basketball and a wide playground which are all I need. My dad was the one who led me the basketball arena. He used to be the team leader of basketball back in his school age. I can still recall the memory of his playing basketball in front of me. I was so excited when he made the shot in and I think it was in that particular moment I started to love basketball. Then my dad start to training me from the very beginning. He explained all the rules and skills about it and I was learning pretty fast which is beyond his imagination. As I had became more and more familiar with the sport I found myself becoming interested in it. Then I started to learn some practical skills from my parents, my classmates and my PE teachers. In my daily life, I usually play basketball three times a week.Mostly I play with my friends and sometimes with my parents. And because both my school and the district I live in are equipped with basketball courts,it is really convenient for me to do the sport. I have benefited a lot from basketball. Firstly, I can do exercises and relax myself after long study. Next I can enjoy the cooperation and the competition in the basketball games. It encourages me to enhance my capabilities(提升能力) as well as learning to coordinate with(与……协调) my teammates in order to win the games. Last but not least, it enriches my spare time and makes my daily life more varied and colorful. All in all, I really have a blast(俚语玩得愉快  ,have a good time, enjoy yourself)while playing it.



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