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            【雅思范文点评】传统艺术是否应该被政府资助  - 启程雅思

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            Nowadays there is a growing tendency that some traditional arts are disappearing far away from modern society. some people claimed that the traditional arts are outdated and not worth of funding them. In fact, they are the symbol of a country’s civilization. I strongly believed that government should support them in different ways.

            It is a well-known fact that the traditional arts are the most basic part of a national culture. Learning the traditional arts is one of the best manner to study our own brilliant culture and splendid history. It is due to that arts reflects on the one hand the political values of people and their religious beliefs, emotions and daily activities on the other. Thus, government plays a vital part in supporting musicians, artists, and drama companies to stimulate their enthusiasm of creating and inherting arts elements. Then the different forms of arts civilized our nation.

            Furthermore, in consequence of subsiding people engaged in the art field, government provide a reasonable wise for people to enrich their lives and spirit. It leads to their bodies and minds relaxed from hard working. Thereby, they fully concentrate on working and laboring efficiently. Obviously, the direct outcome is they bring lots of benefits and interesting to the nation Taking one with another, the reward is far more than the payout.

            However, it is not the only way to backup the arts development via spending money. There are still so many different ways except that. For instance, the government should make policy that selective courses like drawing and music must be included in school curricular; the government should make propoganda in media in order to arouse the public interests in enjoying traditional arts; the government should sponsor the concerts, exhibitions and musium about traditional arts for free and as frequently as possible. In breif, the purpose is to give people more opportunities to get touch with traditional arts. The more people appreciate it, the faster the traditional arts promoted.

            To sum up, it is necessary for a nation to develop his own traditional art. The government should strive to protect them in various ways. In the end, the country will definitely become more vivid and stronger than in previous time.

            点评:长句子用了不少  ,观点表达的很鲜明  ,基本上有理有据  。

            但是  ,关于国家持传统艺术的分类范围略小了一点  ,比如物质的有文物  ,古建筑  ,非物质的有民俗文化、古籍著作很丰富的  ,如果能够把内容完善起来 ,写出来的文章就从切入点上拔高了许多  。



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